Carrier Enterprise Services

Securely connect your customers’ global sites.

With ICSS I can assure my multi-site corporate customers of safe and quick transmission and access of valuable data with cost-effective pricing.

Carrier Enterprise Services: Securely connect your customers’ global sites

Global enterprises need reliable and seamless voice and data connections, no matter how many sites they have, no matter where they’re located. With our Carrier Enterprise Services we’re able to provide the most comprehensive pan-European network coverage with direct connections to North America, Asia Pacific as well as the rest of the world. Thanks to our one-stop-shop offering, our intelligent solutions are simple to deploy, in turn providing excellent customer experience: our most important value.

Outstanding Ethernet performance and exceptional IP VPN

Our offerings include a wide range of enhanced Ethernet services. With our MPLS-based Ethernet Line, traffic delivery is optimized and network coverage easily extended to strategic peering points around the world. For companies with a smaller number of sites, we have developed the cost-effective any-to-any Ethernet LAN. Rounding out our portfolio are our private and secure IP VPN, Leased Line and managed Internet services.

Carrier Enterprise Services
  • Carrier Intranet Service

    Access to all domains worldwide

    Carrier Intranet Service

    With our Carrier Intranet Service, Deutsche Telekom offers an MPLS-based data transport service that connects different end-customer locations around the world ...


    LAN Solution EoM

    LAN functionalities on a global scale

    LAN Solution EoM

    This Ethernet service provides an any-to-any virtual private service to connect multiple sites over an MPLS network. It appeals more to customers that need higher bandwidth ...



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