Carrier Enterprise Services

Securely connect your customers’ global sites.

With ICSS I can assure my multi-site corporate customers of safe and quick transmission and access of valuable data with cost-effective pricing.

Safe and reliable global traffic solutions

Your customers need seamless voice and data exchange wherever they are

Today’s business environment is more competitive and fast-paced than ever before. That’s why global enterprises need seamless voice and data connection, no matter how many sites they have or where they’re located.
Safe, quick, and reliable transmission and access of valuable data not only allow timely, informed decision-making – they can also make or break business deals. That’s where ICSS comes in.

A common infrastructure for the secure, efficient delivery of multiple services

We help you to maximize performance at competitive prices while enabling convergence of sites on a common network architecture. This means your business efficiency expands while connectivity simplifies.
You can count on ICSS to give your clients high-capacity, but scalable traffic solutions. We provide whatever is needed in terms of security and service levels with a complete set of wholesale solutions for IP and data transmission.

Carrier Enterprise Services
  • Carrier Intranet Service

    Access to all domains worldwide

    Carrier Intranet Service

    With our Carrier Intranet Service, Deutsche Telekom offers an MPLS-based data transport service that connects different end-customer locations around the world ...


    LAN Solution EoM

    LAN functionalities on a global scale

    LAN Solution EoM

    This Ethernet service provides an any-to-any virtual private service to connect multiple sites over an MPLS network. It appeals more to customers that need higher bandwidth ...

News & Highlights
  • China Telecom Europe

    Logo China Telecom Europe (CTE)

    China Telecom Europe has been looking for reliable transport and VPN solutions to reach its corporate customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. ICSS was able to match its high-quality demands in regard to service ...

    Read the success story


    Global Connect Logo

    Corporate solutions provider GlobalConnect relies on ICSS's Ethernet-based VPN solutions to meet its customers' need for flexible, secure network extension. The Danish service provider has powered its ...

    Read the success story


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