Providing the real magic of connectivity: Simplicity, efficiency, high quality and more

For two decades, we have been your secure global gateway. We make it easy for you and your customers to connect to the world and to Deutsche Telekom’s high-performance network. At the same time, you gain access to the Group’s hundreds of millions of customers. ICSS – agile at scale.

We bridge people and technology for best user experience

With future-proof technologies, innovative solutions, smart processes and the passion of our people, we drive your business forward and help you gain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our ICSS Customer Survey, for example, revealed a positive 4/5 ranking. Let us turn your vision into a reality that goes beyond connectivity.

Join our customers and rely on our deep wholesale and retail understanding

Serving the needs of the Deutsche Telekom Group and its international affiliates, as well as 900 customers worldwide we build on a deep understanding of wholesale and retail markets. Our offering covers IP-based solutions, next-generation platforms, voice communication and mobility, content delivery, and Ethernet-focused VPN services.

With an extended security portfolio, we safeguard your revenue and reputation

The ability of hackers to launch massive, crippling attacks is on the upswing. ICSS actively fights against these threats with dedicated teams, advanced technologies and a continually expanding security portfolio. This spans from detecting and stopping fraudulent voice or SMS traffic to protecting your websites from downtime due to DDoS attacks or DNS problems.

Our ambition – Your benefits

For ICSS, connectivity is not a commodity, but a facilitator of value creation and your success. With innovative solutions, we keep you at the forefront of technological advancements, simplify your processes, expand your market reach and help increase your profitability. As a premium provider that heavily invests in developing next generation networks, Deutsche Telekom and ICSS are committed to the delivery of reliable, secure and high-quality services. The passion and integrity of our people has earned us the trust of our numerous customers.

Deutsche Telekom figures

  • Represented in about 50 countries worldwide
  • 19 million broadband lines
  • 29 million fixed-network lines
  • More than 165 million mobile customers worldwide
  • 7 million IPTV customers
  • 1.8 million workstation systems marketed
  • Launching the first pan-European, all-IP network while continuing to provide high-quality connectivity to North America and Asia

ICSS figures

  • Serving the wholesale needs of the Deutsche Telekom Group and its international affiliates
  • Contracts with more than 900 carriers and service providers worldwide
  • 20 years of expertise in the wholesale industry
  • More than 24 billion voice minutes per year
  • Tier 1 provider with an installed peering and transit capacity of more than 55 Tbps
  • Unique DDoS Defense solution in Deutsche Telekom's Network with full visibility and
  • DDoS Defense in the cloud for non-IP or multi-home customers with 4 Tbps mitigation capacity
  • Global IP backbone with more than 60 PoPs worldwide

ICSS – part of a strong brand

Deutsche Telekom: We’re launching the first pan-European, all-IP network while continuing to provide high-quality connectivity to North America and Asia. We are your leading European provider with global reach!

As an integral part of the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Group and with more than 20 years of experience in the intercarrier industry, we have a deep knowledge of both wholesale and retail markets. We therefore understand how to deliver the comprehensive services companies need to drive their business forward. We offer IP-based solutions, next-generation platforms, voice communication, mobile services, content delivery, Ethernet-focused VPN services, virtual carrier and security solutions, OTT partnerships and much more.

Recently ICSS won "Best Pan-European Wholesale Carrier" and "Best Network Technology Innovation" at the esteemed Global Carrier Awards in Paris.

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