Delivering fast, always-on, QoS-based global mobile data services

Users today want to access data as simply, quickly and reliably as if they were at home, even when traveling. With a multitude of services now offered online, such as banking, invoicing or reserving flights, it is easy to understand why. DRX from ICSS enables worldwide coverage and the delivery of data roaming services with QoS. Be prepared for a simple extension of the solution toward full-service IPX with LTE.


  • Guaranteed quality of service (QoS) 
  • Burstable billing for a single roaming partner up to the agreed access speed
  • No extra charge for implementing access control lists (ACLs)
  • Make your choice: Connection via fixed and/or IPSec access
  • Accurate, near-real-time monitoring and reporting with alarm notifications
  • Easy extension of other services via the ICSS IPX platform
  • Compliance with the GSMA IR.34 standard
  • Maximum roaming data security (IR.77)

The Solution

Data Roaming Exchange (DRX) is facilitated by Deutsche Telekom's IPX transportation platform. It enables worldwide coverage and data roaming connectivity with QoS. Interconnecting with roaming partners working outside of your service range is easy, which means that your customers are ensured of reliable data services even when traveling. This solution gives you all the benefits of an IP-based network and the ability to easily extend your GRX connection with additional IPX products.


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