Offering unlimited and cost-effective messaging connectivity, worldwide

In today’s tech-savvy environment, consumers travel more and do not want to be limited in the use of their mobile devices. With our extensive coverage and solid partner agreements, we match their expectations for seamless, instant mobile data connectivity, no matter where they are. This includes smart international SMS and MMS interoperability and best-in-class prevention of unwanted messages.


Menschen planen hier etwas
  • One contract with ICSS and one, single point of interconnection for MMS interworking
  • Gain additional termination and retail revenue via access to a wider range of potential MMS interworking partners
  • Billing according to size, volume, destination and date
  • MMX requires no capital investment
  • Addresses the complexity of MMS Exchange billing and interworking
  • Election and testing solved by ICSS
  • Reduces overhead demands so the mobile operator can redeploy scarce human and capital resources

The Solution

The ICSS MMX one-stop-shop solution allows you to connect to a wealth of partners, thus providing your end users with a fast, seamless MMS service. The platform handles CDR collection, mediation, rating, IW testing and reporting. Implementation of this reliable, secure solution is quick, safe and easy. It incorporates best-in-class, carrier-grade hardware with built-in full redundancy and fault tolerance. Since the service uses the MPLS platform of Deutsche Telekom, high quality of service is guaranteed. 

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