Protect business-critical messages and ensure A2P monetization

Unwanted messages sent via unauthorized channels mean lost revenue, as well as higher network costs due to increased traffic. SMS+ is a complete SMS solution from one provider that protects, filters and terminates all text messages via the ICSS SMS hub, while actually generating revenue. It requires no OPEX or CAPEX for equipment, as it runs completely in the SS7 cloud.

Unlimited and cost-effective messaging, worldwide

Today’s tech-savvy consumers want unlimited use of their mobile devices, no matter where they are. ICSS matches their expectations for seamless, instant connectivity, independent of location. For best-in-class international operability, we offer our reliable person-to-person messaging solutions (SMX and MMX), that make it easy to expand your global messaging footprint.


Menschen planen hier etwas
  • White-route SMS hub for MNOs and aggregators
  • Full protection for mobile operators
  • Differentiation between A2P and P2P traffic
  • Operators get SMS revenues (no AA19 negotiations needed)
  • Effectively stops unwanted SMS fraud messages and thus creates higher subscriber satisfaction
  • Aggregators profit from white-route termination to the DT Group and the rest of the world
  • ICSS was honored as "Best Global Messaging Provider" in December 2017. The award recognized the innovative range of messaging solutions as well as the improvements the unit made in the delivery, security and quality of global messaging.

The Solution

SMS fraud is a costly problem for mobile operators. Our SMS+ is an SS7-based dynamic authentication solution that identifies and blocks SMS spams, spooks, fakes, floods and ghost messages. As opposed to static authentication tools, it detects the continually changing behavior of grey route traffic that bypass termination fees. In addition, it frees up network bandwidth for revenue-producing traffic, provides higher user satisfaction and helps safeguard your brand reputation.


Recently Deutsche Telekom ICSS joined forces with SMS firewall and A2P filtering specialist Anam. Their combined solution boasts a broad range of dynamic filtering capabilities based on real-time monitoring. The suite of managed services delivers in-depth A2P traffic analysis and reporting, rules management and grey route identification.


  • SMS+ Protect helps operators worldwide by offering protection mechanisms against unpaid use of their network. A unique functionality of this service lies in its ability to dynamically identify and block unwanted SMS messages based on SS7. Most other verification systems are static, and therefore cannot detect the continually changing behavior of grey route traffic.

  • SMS+ Transit provides SMS aggregators with high-quality official routes, and operators with standard termination rates. Direct routes to Deutsche Telekom Group affiliates ensure quick, high quality and verified termination of messages. Additional mobile operators are continuously added to extend the list of networks available.


Through our new partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS, we are expanding our cloud communication expertise to one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, opening a direct link to an effective business differentiator for enterprises locally and worldwide. Our partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS helps us give our customers global reach with local expertise, all through the simplest communication APIs and SDKs.


David Vigar, Nexmo's Director of Carrier Relations.


The partnership with ICSS reaffirms the high level of trust in our company and allows us to expand our offering and fulfill clients’ requirements for mission-critical and time-sensitive application-to-person (A2P) messaging using the ICSS global footprint. The excellent experience we’ve had in our co-operation with ICSS has resulted in another partnership with their SMS+ solution.


 Mathias Höllerl, DIMOCO Messaging Managing Director


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