Global delivery of signaling messages: Unrivaled scope and quality of service

The ICSS Signaling solution enables international, real-time transport and delivery of signaling messages. It allows your users to connect to other providers through Deutsche Telekom’s powerful global signaling network, which provides access to over 800 mobile networks in more than 200 countries. Our signaling product facilitates the evolution towards all-IP and LTE.


  • Choice between signaling transit or full-service signaling solution
  • Interconnection through Deutsche Telekom’s global signaling network
  • High-quality, international access
  • Cost-effective, one-stop-shopping solution
  • Available via ICSS IPX along with a broad portfolio of other roaming and interconnect services
  • Spam and fraud protection (SMS protect)
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring tool
  • Additional features: Steering of roaming

The Solution

By utilizing our global signaling network, you reduce your investment in time, personnel and resources. Thanks to signaling developments in the past years, our customers can choose between TDM-based SS7 and IP-based SIGTRAN or LTE Diameter via IPX. With our SIGTRAN solution, for example, you are able to migrate your signaling traffic from TDM to an IP-based service, therefore preparing for a future that is moving toward all-IP. Our customers also receive a number of product features such as seamless ITU/ANSI conversion, intelligent spam protection, enhanced KPI monitoring and Steering of Roaming.

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