Connect your client’s global sites with a single secure network for all applications

Our ICSS IP-VPN solution is based on Deutsche Telekom’s MPLS global IP backbone. It enables your corporate clients to connect various locations around the world using a single infrastructure for voice and data services, as well as other business-critical applications. The results are greater manageability, connectivity, security and cost advantages.

Seamlessly integrate your customer’s hard-to-reach locations into their VPN

Our IP-VPN Mobile Access solution is a pioneer on the wholesale market. It provides seamless connectivity to customers’ VPNs using mobile radio access technology from Deutsche Telekom. This is a long-awaited alternative to the usual fixed-line, wholesale IP-VPN service as it supports secure connections to even hard-to-reach or temporary sites.


  • Secure mobile solution integrated with Deutsche Telekom’s MPLS global IP backbone
  • All service elements from a single wholesale partner
  • Transparent, predictable, volume-based pricing without over-usage charges
  • Flexible contract duration
  • Quick deployment: standard -  25 working days, expedite option - 15 working days
  • Useful for hard-to-reach or temporary location
  • Scalable to 150 GB per month
  • Recently awarded as 'Best Data Service Innovation'

The Solution

A brand-new variant of our wholesale IP-VPN service has just been launched: IP-VPN Mobile Access, a true novelty in the wholesale arena. In addition to the usual terrestrial access types, our traditional and well established Layer3 carrier service will now also be available via an access solution using mobile network technology.
The mobile end-point seamlessly integrates into your customer’s VPN and ICSS is providing all service elements out of one hand.

Depending on the data volume demands, our customers can choose from a wide variety of service packages with predictable flat pricing and flexible contract terms. The service is utilizing the LTE technology of Germany’s best mobile network and we are planning to further extend IP-VPN Mobile Access in other countries along the Deutsche Telekom footprint in the near future.

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China Telecom Europe

Deutsche Telekom ICSS was the perfect partner to reach our corporate customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa through reliable transport and MPLS IP VPN solutions.

Tao Zhang, Director Products and Carrier Relations, China Telecom Europe (CTE)

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