Secure your network with ICSS's SMS+ Protect - our answer to the challenges of SMS fraud

 Security has a significant impact on the services of wholesalers. Our SMS+ Protect service fights against fraudulent text messaging by detecting and blocking grey route traffic that bypasses termination fees. It is the filtering part of our SMS+ solution, which stops misuse of P2P channels and protects your customers from wrongful text messages.


Discover a visual story about SMS+ Protect
  • Identifies and stops fake SMS messages such as spams, floods, raking, spoofing, ghost messages
  • Frees network bandwidth for revenue producing traffic
  • Provides higher user satisfaction, prevents subscriber churn
  • Helps safeguard your brand reputation
  • With our SMS+ Transit service (terminates messages on direct connections within the DT Group), SMS+ Protect provides a hosted solution with full SMS hub functionality and clear differentiation between P2P and A2P messaging

The Service

SMS+ Protect is an SS7-based dynamic filtering service that identifies and intercepts fraudulent SMS messages. It provides a critical advantage over common static filtering tools, which cannot detect the continually changing behavior of grey route traffic.

In addition, SMS+ Protect provides the transparency needed to proactively tackle the problem of lost revenue caused by the termination of fake, unpaid messages. With customized filtering, you control which traffic is allowed.

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